Why start betting with a professional punter? Learn how to make money without unnecessary losses

Betting on sports is definitely not the discipline to which everyone dares. There is clearly still money in a volatile world of sports performances and coincidences goes from beginner looking for a hazardous undertaking. However, if you choose a proven professional services, may be completely different. Profi punter is possible to use sports betting as an investment with a decent long-term returns. As the first in the Czech Republic offers the following services portal Betstation. The aim of the project is to create a place where you can find the best Czech punter while having fun and learning. Getting started is really easy!

Everybody knows in my neighborhood man who sports betting intensively. But mostly among friends earn sticker gambler. No wonder. Bookmakers knows very well how it works the prospect of huge profits at high rates on bets. And you entice beginners often. Their betting is then actually touch ordinary gambling.

“This is one of the habits that will learn a variety of recreational bettors. All you have from your hobby is adrenaline. Bet ten games at once on the high exchange rate, it’s easy and it attracts. The profitability but the converse is not. It’s just luck . Professional bet combi ticket but only when it has perfect information about all the listed matches, “says one punter who cooperates with the portal Betstation. Thanks to its excellent results wished to remain anonymous.

Forget guaranteed formula wins

In our punter is practically impossible to novice was able to quickly make money unassisted. Many a punter certainly argue that there are a number of formulas by which it can be successfully bet quite sure. But all these methods allow for a very low odds and probability calculations. Not even the best formula but can not rely indefinitely. Moreover, it is about betting on sports that can change a number of factors. But you can predict.

Unlike inanimate formula with them professional can work properly. “If I had to describe the basic properties of the pros, it’s perseverance, sheer passion that sport or even just specific competitions, diligence, commitment to provide the most accurate tips and most importantly discipline. Only then can use gambling as a reliable source of income,” says our professional that with live betting for several years.

And precisely because the services of a professional punter suitable for beginners betters, and for those who watch sport at least, but looking for a suitable form of investment. Just look at the results of the experts, less than three weeks the portal Betstation. For the first three form yield, ie return on their betting 30, 13, respectively. 12%. Do you know any financial product that would prove within three weeks so your capital increase? If you do not, you do not know about betting anything. Just copy process you have selected the punter.

Top tips for novice bettors

1) Get yourself on the entry of the most current information

Plenty of information is critical to success in betting is absolutely necessary. Rate of individual games are constantly changing according to various factors. Certainly it is good to know for example that a key player on the team training and pulled a muscle in a match does not start.

2) Pay attention to weather

Weather in sports can mean a lot. If during the Formula 1 race rain, it immediately changes the betting preference. The weather plays an important role, for example, when betting on horse racing and football (weather here has an impact on the quality of course).

3) Betting banks are not – do not to your user account too much money

This point we do not because you should be worried about the safety of their money. In the list of our certified bookmakers found only sázkovky that are 100% reliable. Keeping money than anywhere else in the bank is not very reasonable, but no theft of your money in case sázkovek do not worry.

The reason is rather that you did not have to dominate and put you on the ticket large sum (here we go back to tip number 1). On your user account rather leave only a small amount. For example if you Skrill/Moneybookers account, money is not a problem any time to recharge.

4) Do not bet if you are under the influence of alcohol

Alcohol and gambling do not mix. This applies to gambling in general. Why might otherwise land-based casinos gave players a free alcoholic beverages?

5) Do not pay for tips

Pay for someone else’s tips is not a good idea. Risk is home to several. Punter can have a bad series, which due to lose their money. Another risk is that they happen to run across scammers. The best way to become profitable bookmaker is, to innovate and to bet for himself. As a guide, you can serve our pre-match analysis, which can boast a 71% success rate!